corporate consulting

Bfinance offers assistance in every area of ​​Corporate Governance, business organization, process improvement, planning and management control of the company. 

We deal with Corporate, M&A, private equity, international business law, industrial property and Information Technology. Thanks to our multidisciplinary and international experience, we are able to support Merger & Acquisition operations in Italy and abroad. 

Bfinance also deals with private equity transactions. We are as well able to provide assistance for the acquisition, development and exploitation of rights on intangible assets and data protection.

We support the entrepreneur on taking important decisions regaring finance, suggesting him specific tools and strategies, designed for his company.

Each investment is associated with potential profits, against a financial outlay; our professional will evaluate the various possibilities (projects, expansion of production capacity, new plants), the yield of each project and the relationship between capital and business risk. 

We analyze the conditions to credit access and help the entrepreneur to choose and take advantage of the most suitable source of financing.