How can we help you?

Subsidized finance

we allow companies, professionals and young entrepreneurs to access to European, National and local fundings, at zero interest and non-repayable.


we create paths through which companies can sell their products and services on emerging world markets, thanks to our widespread presence on site.

Corporate Consulting

Corporate, M&A, Private Equity, International law, industrial property and Information Technology.

Project management

the Bfinance Project Manager helps the entrepreneur to become aware of the risks and benefits of a project and supports him during its implementation.


in the current economic and social context, innovation is on of the determining factors for the success of small, medium and large enterprises.

Structured finance

we are present on special capital investment portal and we work on corporate projects, supporting you until their realization.


Training plays a central role in the development of business, because it acts as an engine of personal and professional growth and stimulates positivity, arousing motivation, enhancing competitiveness.


Our specialists offer tailor made advice and they support the customer on a path that leads to the recognitios of his rights.


With our personal development method, we support the entrepreneur in achieving his professional goals. Our Coach provides it expertise in order to acquire a higher level of awareness, self-confidence, responsibility and autonomy.