Bfinance S.r.l.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

(Steve Jobs)

About us

Bfinance has assembled a team of highly qualified professionals, able to assist even the most demanding customer, providing an efficient and focused support. The Bfinance professional has a long and wide experience and boasts solid achievements, in its branch. Our team is made of: engineers, skilled lawyers, accountants, finance and marketing specialists, TEM (Temporary Export Managers) and project managers.

what we do

Our modus operandi consists is an accurate interview with the customer, aimed to underline its main requirements and demands. Based on the documents supplied by the customer, our specialist will edit a free provisional assessment, suggesting strategies targeted upon his needs. Our Guest will be free to take advantage of our partnership or not, only after having examinated our analysis offering all possible solutions.

How can we help you?


Made in Italy is worldwide known and appreciated and the foreign markets are a great opportunity for those companies who want to boost themselves. Bfinance supports the entrepreneur and eases the access to financial tools assigned for this operation.


Corporate consulting

Corporate, M&A, Private Equity, International Business Law, Industrial Property and Information Technology. Our multidisciplinary and international experience at your service.

Subsidized finance

we work to allow companies and entrepreneurs to access European, National and local interest free and non-repayable loans.

Business finance

we are able to perform an analysis, study and optimization of the corporate financial structure, with the purpose of creating the conditions to access the finance.

Structured finance

a detailed analysis of possible finance, aimed at finding the most appropriate business strategy.

Project Management and Innovation.

Analyzing and abstracting all issues, the Project Manager helps evaluating the risks and benefits of a project. He continually cooperates with the entrepreneur, supporting his most relevant choices and decisions.

work with us

Bfinance is consulting company which offers services to enterprises; we are specialized in subsidized finance, structured finance, special finance, company consulting, training and internationalization. In anticipation of a national expansion, we are selecting consultants with previous experience in sales field. We believe that training is very important and that our consultants can really make the difference for our customers.


Highly specialized professionals

Team working and coaching

Transparency and clarity