As a consequence of the economic crisis that has recently hit our country, the PMI are mainly requesting the expansion on new foreign markets. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the competitiveness. Bfinance’s answer to this strong need is the development of a wide range of services which allow the company’s growth and expansion abroad. Our specialists underscore every possibility of industrial development and submit all internationalization opportunities, which are very far from mere export.

Our goal is the company’s growth whtough new challenges and targeted strategies, following a specific development plan.

We offer our customers the opportunity of being supported by our TEM (Temporary Export Manager), from the beginning of the project, to the overall assistance of our precious partners who live abroad. We work on the possibility of partially or totally moving your company abroad. Our TEM will work next to the entrepreneur during the whole process.

The main stages of the process can be summarized

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Analysis of the market
  • Project development
  • Definition of the actions to be taken
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Cause/effect analysis of the production investment plan
  • Check of possible goals and feasibility of the project
  • Access to SIMEST fundings for internationalization

Possiblity of opening an office abroad